Cindy Douglas and Konrad Wiszniewski bring spirit of Lady Day and Prez to life

Posted by Dick Playfair on Jul 1, 2014

Somewhere along the line I have missed out on the music of Billie Holiday. I have never seen the film Lady Sings the Blues, and while I am familiar with most of the tunes, and have a huge respect for Billie Holiday in the history and development of jazz, and particularly vocal jazz, the music has passed me by.


Iain Hunter and the Eliot Murray Big Band

Posted by Dick Playfair on Jun 20, 2014

Last year Iain Hunter sold out two concerts at the Tron Kirk at the Edinburgh Jazz and Blues Festival, so this year was going to be a challenge with a move to a bigger venue, the Queen’s Hall, and new backing, the Eliot Murray Big Band.


Chet Memories

Posted by Dick Playfair on Aug 18, 2013

I’m a huge fan of Chet Baker, and I’ve heard trumpeter Colin Steele play before so I was always going to have this show Remembering Chet on my radar, and it was definitely an hour well spent as he, Iain Ewing, vocals, and Euan Stevenson on piano captivated a packed early evening house at the Jazz Bar for their final Festival Fringe performance.


Going Underground

Posted by Dick Playfair on Aug 16, 2013

There’s skill in staging a production that appears under-rehearsed when in reality it’s just so darn tight. That’s what you get with Vegas Underground – a precious hour of full-on entertainment with songs, banter, repartee, the odd guest, and the odd glitch (“where’s the guest, where’s the mic?”) that pass so smoothly that these artistes are either very practiced or they can just ride the wave. They’re clearly enjoying it as much as we are …


Hunter’s Moondance

Posted by Dick Playfair on Jul 26, 2013

It was a sultry night. Electricity was in the air – and the smell of pizza. It could have been the Strip, Broadway or Sunset Boulevard.